Summer Time!

I thought the summer term was supposed to be quiet? Well apparently not as we’ve been sooo busy since my last Blog post, so busy that I have had to miss out so many of the things we’ve done just to fit it all in!


Firstly, we have now finished all of our Discover Days in all of the primary schools across Cambridgeshire, witch is a shame but to be hones I was getting a little tired of   🎶 “Let’s go fly a kite” 🎶 😂 Well done to all the kids who earned their Discover Arts Award.

Next we had our first week of the Bits and Bytes project at Kindly Primary running a taster week so we could learn how best to run the project.


For those who haven’t heard about this project yet basically its just a lot of playing with lego. 😂 The Project focuses around social mobility and learning about the wider world such as economy, the UN and careers. As well as the key educational points of the project, we learn about these topics by playing some games, quizzes, and coding using Swift Playgrounds and Lego Mindstorms.

This was one of the funnest weeks I have had at work and was a big insight to how we can run the project. The kids were all so well behaved, they learned a lot and we built some awesome lego!


We have also finished our Time Lord show, Performed by Double Act Theatre. The show went really well and it was a really nice change to perform at such a different venue. We performed our 2nd show at the Secret Garden Camp Grounds in Wisbech where we performed outside whilst sat on straw bails. But most of all I am just thankful everyone was impressed with my Time Machine!




As well as TimeLord, we have also performed our show in a week with Coats Primary. We have never done a performance like this before. We performed an adaptation of The Wizard of Oz but based around the EU and their Global Goals. The kids had to create their own costumes, props and set but could only use recycled materials. To help we had Jack from Wising Arts come and do some construction with us and it was so cool what they made and once we got all the lighting in it looked even more amazing!36760343_2018452251520703_4781227760787914752_n.jpg


In amongst all this hard work we have also had our Academy Awards on the same day as our performance of the Show in a Week, making time even more of a challenge. However everything went according to plan and the awards went just about as well as ever. It was good to have a little cool down with all this work going on.

In the more recent weeks were have also had the Wisbech Reads Festival but this year we were at the Wisbech Castle for the event hub as well as having activities in the museum, library, united reformed church and St Peter’s and Paul’s for the presentation. We well also joined by 3 well know children’s authors to tell the youngsters about book writing; Alison Limentani, Pippa Goodhart and Ellie Sandle. Thanks to the venues for being so welcoming and accommodating and to the authors for being so friendly and running some great workshops. But most of all thanks to the schools who were, as always, so great to work with. As always I love taking the photos at these events!


Our team has also gotten a little bigger for the last few weeks as well. We have been joined by Asher and Katie from Cromwell school who have joined us for work experience and have been such a big help. We have also been joined by Eden who is doing some work experience with us and Jamie who is volunteering to gain experience to become a teacher. It has been such a help having these 4 on our team and they have made the road trips so much more fun.😄

And to Finish off, this Tuesday just gone we helped the Cavalry Primary year 6s perform their leavers assembly: The Constellation of Aspiration. They have put so much work into this show in the weeks before and I would say that it all payed off. Their assembly went absolutely amazing and I hope they all do well in secondary school.


Wow thats a lot of words 😂 I might have to have a think about doing more shorter posts more often as opposed to long ones every few months. Oh well, thats all for now.

Resident Techie, Signing off.


Show Time!

So as of Saturday, Pride Rock is finally over! We have had 2 amazing shows and the cast were awesome! Well done Allstars and well done to the crew! This was our second show at March Braza Club and as well as being in the show I was also the head of the tech team (no surprise there!). This show was another challenge due to the fact that I had to use the rehearsals to rehearse and had very little time to tech but as usual we pulled through and did an amazing show.


We also have our TimeLord show coming up with our youngest bunch and it is coming along nicely. This will be our first show we have performed at the Secret Garden in Wisbech and we will be performing a matinee outside. This will make tech a challenge as our lights won’t be bright enough to work outside meaning I have to get creative. I’m hoping to take a new approach to this problem and do something we’ve not done with our tech before, so we’ll see how it goes.


We have also reached that time of year when all of our cables have to come out of their hidey-holes to be PAT tested and believe me we have a lot of cables and electrical devices. I have literally just finished day 2 of testing and we just have the studio left to go, along with one or 2 bits that I have missed. Boy is this a longer process than I thought it would be, I’m exhausted.

As well as starting our PAT test period we have also started to do all of our Discover Days. This is where we take over a school and give anywhere between 20 to 70 kids the chance to get a discover arts award by doing some arts and crafts along with a performance to parents and their school. This term we are basing our day around Mary Poppins and you can guess what my role in this is, Sound and lights.

We have also started our Word Of The Week Wednesdays, and I’m not sure why but I seem to have become the running joke for them?!

But my highlight of this 6 Weeks has to be the Peckover Bear Grylls day with Fenland Bushcraft. 33379055_1955352887830640_2438954903394058240_n

Last Thursday I left to go and work with Peckover Primary on a survival day where the kids learn many different bushcraft skills and get to make a film in the process. It was great fun. They learned to light fires, make an SOS sign and hide in a ghillie-suit with military tactics. But the best part was we got to stay the night in our own camp site and roast marshmallows, just a shame it rained!

So as you can see its been a busy term and there is still a lot going on but who doesn’t love a bit of chaos! 😀

Another Mish-Mashed Blog Post – 17th April

So it’s time for my second blog post and I’ve just realised how hard it is to remember how hard it is to remember everything that has happened in 3 months!

Get Creative

We’ve been doing some great work on the ward, advancing our digital skills. Since my last post we have started using our PS4 Virtual Reality headset to introduce people to the world of VR! We have a verity of VR experiences lined up for people to have a go at including a safari, swimming with sharks, space shuttles and a supermarket assistant that has to shoot mutant fruit to keep their job. Everyone who has tried it has had a great time but my top VR moment has to be Zoe freaking out whilst playing Spider-Man when realising she was stood on top of a tall crane! (Sorry Zoe, Katherine said I could include it) and to top everything off I found out that one of the educational team we are working with on the ward is my yr8 science teacher, what are the odds!

Youth Theatre

CONNECTIONS! Our show went great! The group did amazingly and the director gave a lot of really good feedback, it was very nice to hear. We have a few things to work on before our Norwich performance but rehearsals are going well so we shall see. We only have 1 more rehearsal now before Norwich and I can’t wait for my first performance there. We also had a great performance of High School Musical with our boundless group. The shows went very well and we only hit about 20 people with basketballs! Haha! The lights went much better than expected given our time restraints and Alex did very well to use my terribly labeled cues, glad to have him back on the team.

Well done to both groups who performed, you all did absolutely great. We also have had 2 great ‘out of house’ rehearsals with our younger groups. All stars had their firs rehearsal in the Braza for Pride Rock. And Double Act had an amazing time making fire at the Secret Garden where they got to do some survival skills with Fenland Bushcraft and had a surprise visit from a very famous SYFY Machine. As part of the connections show we also went to see URocks 2 productions for the festival which were some of the best shows I’ve seen as pert of the festival so very well done to everyone involved! And to top it all off last week was our easter workshop and although I wasn’t able to be there all week I still think it was one of the best workshops we have done. The kids did great and they were so well behaved and all the volunteers were amazing too. Well done to everyone involved and an even bigger well done to Jess and Holly for organising it but did we have to have so many accident forms, your workshop now holds the record! Haha!


Well there you go, blimey that was a lot for the old brain to remember. I think I need a lie down! And so does my exclamation mark key!!!!!

Resident Techie, Signing off.

I’m Back!

After about a year of absence from 20Twenty (I use that term lightly) I am finally back on board and can’t wait to get stuck in!

This time round I’m working with Tim on the digital department. The main part of my job is being a part of the Get Creative on the Ward delivery team, where we go into various wards on Addenbrookes Hospital and deliver digital arts activities to young people on the ward to teach them new skills and most importantly to have fun! If you want to find out more about what we’re up to or if your on the ward and want to get in touch then why not check out our Facebook?

I’ve absolutely loved being back for these past few weeks. Since I’ve been back I’ve been leaning some new skills and an absolutely awesome new piece of software! Adobe Character Animator is a cool piece of software that comes with After Effects that allows you to bring your cartoon characters you have created in Photoshop or Illustrator to Life! I’ve currently been animating our new mascot for the Bits and Bytes project ready for the pilot, theres also some work we’ve been doing on the ward.

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 15.37.42Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 15.45.52

As well as character animator we have been creating some beats with Logic Pro X, some pro audio software that even well known munitions and artists use. why not have a listen?

Now that half term is over we are fast approaching almost all of our youth theatre shows and foremost is our connections play this Friday and Sunday. Myself, Jess and Geri have spent a good day re-rigging all of the lights for the show and I think its fair to say things are starting to come together and on the whole it all looks really good, even if a few small things still need polishing.

Sorry if this blogs a little higgledy-piggledy, it can be difficult trying to remember all thats happened in a month… especially when your memory is as bad as mine!

Resident Techie, Signing off.